About Me


I am the ultimate dreamer and idea man.  I have a Masters from UNLV and a BA from Concordia, Moorhead in Business. Not only have I been working in marketing for over 15 years, started my own businesses and performed for thousands of people, but I have overcome poverty.  This has taught me to live by the motto: "stay hungry, stay foolish".  I have had the great fortune to work for myself, for others and for my community. Along this path I have known great failure and great success. I am here because I believe in dreams and I know how to make them come true.  

Either you start working or yours or someone else is going to hire you to work on theirs.  Which sounds better to you??    

What I DO!! 

Recent Works!!

​​Training and coaching for dreamerS ready to become Doers.



When we go to college we are so busy learning how to do what we do that no one teaches us how to communicate what we do.  I specialize in helping people discover their inner charisma.  Becoming successful is easy, you just have to live your passion and allow people to see it.  Let me help you shine. 


WHy Me??


At the heart of every success is a great story. I love helping people and organizations tell theirs. 

All great leaders know that building a team is the key to success. I AM ON YOUR TEAM.  

Let's make your dreams come true. 

My Services 


Working with teams and individuals to create a connection through authentic communication.

  • Team Communication Training 
  • Team Building Training 
  • Closing the Big Deal: Sales Training
  • Presentation / Speech Prep 
  • Accent Coaching 
  • Interview Coaching / Prep